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The scale of business contacts in Switzerland just reads off scale. This cooperation in various areas, regional representative offices of the  companies, and also opening of new joint ventures and participation in the famous economic forums.

Switzerland is banks! About 10% of the world capital are stored in the Swiss banks, according to this indicator the country is on the second place, conceding only the USA. During crisis of 2008-2011 any of the Swiss banks wasn't ruined and didn't put deposits of clients under threat. Due to economic and political stability, Switzerland is on the first place on competitiveness. And the stock exchange located in the Swiss Zurich – takes the thirsteen place in the world, after London and New York.

Two directions in which it is worth to invest:

     • Investments into real estate, we will talk about them slightly below.

     • Investments into medical tourism. A high level quality of services, healthy ecological conditions, the thought-over economic and legal policy in health sector. The Swiss Spa resorts is visited by more than 150 thousand tourists, and every year more than 30 thousand foreigners address to the Swiss clinics and this indicator will grow for 10% every year.

Switzerland is the nature! It is the snow-covered Alps, picturesque lakes, falls, Alpine meadows and the purest ecology. On the basis of the rating based on the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), Switzerland won the first place, having gained 95 points from 100 possible. Due to ecology, life expectancy in Switzerland makes – 81 years. High quality of food in Switzerland, also is one of the best in the world.

Switzerland is ample opportunities for tourism! The geographical arrangement of the country, allows to earn on tourism all the year round. First of all, it is ski resorts, but the ancient cities of Switzerland, with the reigning spirit of the Middle Ages also are attractive to tourists. Switzerland is annually visited by more than 9 million tourists, according to this indicator it takes the 27th place in the world, and by income level from tourism – the 19th.

Purchase of real estate in Switzerland. Real estate prices constantly grow in Switzerland. Nowadays investors prefer to buy real estate not with a view of the sea and the ocean, but prefer with a view of the Alpine meadows, mountains and the Swiss pavements.

The main reasons for purchase of real estate in Switzerland:

- preservation and protection of the capital;

- growth of real estate prices in Switzerland – 3-4% in per year.

In Switzerland inflation in the country consists of 1-2%, and profitability from renting out real properties– 5-8%, that allows reliable to capitalize the funds

There is a high quality of service facility management companies in Switzerland, which undertakes all cares concerning real estate.

There is perhaps purchase of real estate due to mortgage lending in Switzerland.

Thus, in Switzerland the purchase of real estate is reliable investment, in particular for citizens who give preference to a stable economic environment.

However, with the purchase of real estate in Switzerland, it is necessary to consider specifics and features of the legislation of the state, and also feature of the real estate market. Our company will help you to understand subtleties of the legal legislation and economic opportunities of real estate in Switzerland, and also concerning investments into this country!

Many world celebrities lived in Switzerland - Albert Einstein developed basic provisions of the theory of relativity, Vladimir Nabokov wrote the last novel, Carl Gustav Jung worked for the benefit of analytical psychology, Zino Davidoff founded the famous firm Davidoff and you have a chance to leave the mark in the history of this country!