Braddar Property

Is a UK registered real estate consultancy firm with representative offices in Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Kazakstan, Russia, China and Hong Kong.

Braddar Property is a team of professional advisers who together pull more than 80-years experience in the real estate industry, in all its forms.

From the moment you contact Braddar Property you are assisted and guided by professionals who have at heart to find for you the perfect solution from residential estate to more sophisticated investments in Switzerland, across Europe and worldwide.

The assistance of Braddar Property does not stop at real estate, we endeavor to help you in all other aspects as a family office, management of estates, legal issues and much more.

We use internet to advertise our properties and expertise but you will be dealing face to face with individual to tailor the right service that you are entitled to receive. 

From its inception Braddar Property has been catering to the needs of a sophisticated international or local clientele to further their objectives.

At all times the confidentiality of your deals will be preserved.

Angelika Braun

General Manager

Chamber of Commerce Of Switzerland

and Switzerland-Russia & CEI member 

UK company number 10190177

Who we are


Rue de Candolle 11. 1205 Geneva Switzerland

Angelika Jeana Braun

Owner. CEO
General Manager

Christopher Graves


Yves Schlatter

Executive director

Hong Kong

Imperial Cullian Tower 8/38А Hoi Fai Rd 10 Kowloon Hong Kong

Christian Audroing

Director of development for Asian Countries